Who We Are
                                                 The Players
Chris Myers - multi instrumentalist, song writer, and music arranger.
He has played with The Quicksilver Messenger Service, The Sanford Townsend band, and Tim Weisberg among others.
Terry Lawless - multi instrumentalist, music arranger, songwriter, producer and publisher. He is currently with U2 and has been with Janet Jackson, Bruce Springstein, Jimmy Buffet, and Cher. 

Cilla Spice - Singer/songwriter featured on our new CD ' Welcome'.
Joyce Michaels (Marden) - piano player, guitar player, and an amazing singer who has recorded country, rock, pop, blues, big band,  and opera.
TW Rush - singer/songwriter, producer, arranger, and publisher. Honored veteran who tells poignant stories in his songs.
Christen Stephens - a remarkable flute player, cello player and keyboard player. Also, music arranger with a great ear.
Michael Hopkins - guitarist extraordinaire, pedal steel, acoustic and electric guitar, mandolin, banjo, etc.. Playing country, rock, and especially jazz and jazz fusion. 
John Matthews - guitarist, songwriter, producer, music arranger, and publisher
Suzanne Morales - singer/songwriter, arranger, producer.
Terri Jo Jenkins - singer/songwriter, performer, producer and arranger.

Brian Hunter - multi instrumentalist and studio engineer.
Ernie Martinez - multi instrumentalist, arranger, producer, songwriter, and singer.
Nick Dahlquist - singer/songwriter, performer, producer andarranger
Kerri Wilson - singer/songwriter and perfomer.
Carey Norby - singer/songwriter, dancer, book illustrator. and performer. Carey died  in 2005 after battling cancer.
George Rindfleisch - Promotional wizard.
Mark Britell - singer/songwriter.
Tom Gingell - singer/songwriter, guitarist, studio owner and recording engineer.
Kevin Simmons - drummer
Art Dougall - drummer
Others  who have recorded and contributed their talents =  Kim Perry, Mike Dean, and Chris Scarbrough.
We are Lip Smackin' Music. A group of musicians, singers, and songwriters who produce original songs for different occasions and for just plain great listening. We combine our talents creating the best music recorded by the finest musicians. Memorable melodies are intertwined with lyrics telling stories, promoting ideas, or just having fun. American music. A combination of country, rock, pop, folk, blues and jazz melded together for a unique sound of easy listening. Our singers are top notched. Our songwriters are creative. Our musicians are talented.